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Regency Revisited is a re-enactor owned and operated business based in Charlestown, Indiana. It was founded by Walt and Jan Dubbeld in 2006. Walt and Jan have been involved in re-enacting since 1977 and eventually settled into the War of 1812 era. Noticing the lack of fabrics and accessories appropriate for this time period, they decided to try to fill this gap. In 2017, the Dubbelds retired from the merchanting life and Andrea and Nathanael Logsdon took over the business. Everything our customers loved about Regency Revisited has remained, but in addition, many new and exciting products have been added to the line and much more is yet to come. We strive to supply period correct fabrics (including hand block printed cottons), wool and silk shawls, sewing notions, patterns, hats, wearable accessories and related items. Although our emphasis is on the Regency Era, many of our goods fit other timelines as well. See our events calendar. We would enjoy meeting you!



Thank you for your consideration—-
Andrea and Nathanael Logsdon, Proprietors

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Regency Revisited is dedicated to bringing you only the finest period fabrics of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Our quality is second to none!

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