Bone Knitting Needles

Bone double-ended knitting needles. 


Cording Lucet

Fine lucets for making cording for lacing stays, making drawstrings, and shoe laces. Available in Bone, Horn, or Rosewood.


Horn or Rosewood Sewing Kit

Fine turned sewing kit features a removable thread spool and needle case that stores neatly inside the case. Available in black horn or rosewood.


Horn Thread Barrel

Thread winder made of horn. Thread winds on small spool inside barrel and unwinds through a hole in the side.


Bone Button Rings

Solid bone rings for making Death's Head and other thread buttons.

10 for $1

Bone or Horn Ribbon Needles

Fine bone or horn needles for lacing ribbons. Approx. 3" long.


Bone Sewing Awl

Bone awl for making holes or lacing stays.


Sewing Scissors

Sewing Scissors available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Small - $4    Medium - $5    Large - $6

Metallic Gold or Silver 1" Braid

Metallic Braid trim for coats and weskits.


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Sewing Accessories

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